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The Medical education cell of MedBound brings you the healthcare Leadership & Public Speaking Forum. Enhance your public speaking and communications skills by training along with mentors & experts. The program consists of 9 public speaking tiers, medical writing tasks, and policy planning assignments.

The forum gives you the opportunity to train with mentors and helps you build confidence to put forth thoughts, ideas, & opinions in front of an audience in a coherent manner.

The program is available in both online and offline formats.

Full-Time Membership (Inclusive of all 9 tiers): 9 Months

One Tier: One Month

The Candidates have to spend approximately 2-3 Hours daily on the tasks assigned by the Mentors. Every Saturday, a Webinar will be conducted, the duration of the Webinar will be approximately 1 hour and 30 mins depending on the number of participants.

The Entire program takes approximately 9 Months to complete. The duration of one TIER is 1 Month. The candidates are free to select one or more TIERS as per their choice. The membership will be rewarded with a CERTIFICATE on successfully completing the TIERS. It is mandatory to attend all the talking sessions.

The 9 TIERS are:

Medicine – Health issues (Local)
Healthcare Policies (Local/Global)
Open Session (Anything)
Extempo – 2 Topics (3mins each)
Philosophical Topic
Social Topic/ News
Political & Health Policies
Mental Health
Project work (Formulating a plan)
Tasks and Activities:
3 speaking sessions in a month (Every Saturday)

Weekly Topics by the mentors

Tests and quizzes

Write-ups or articles for the MedBound Times (www.MedBoundTimes.Com)

The members will get to participate in multiple speaking competitions and the members will also get an opportunity to be judges, event coordinators, organizers, hosts, mentors, etc. which will further enhance networking and managerial skills.

Membership Fees: Limited-time offer FREE Membership!
This membership includes:
Free completion certificate for each tier

Full-term membership 150 articles + 80 topics (For 9 Tiers)/ 15 articles + 8 topics (For 1 Tier)

24/7 guidance from the mentor and experts

40 learning tutorials (MCQs with explanations)

Daily quizzes

Students and professionals from Medicine, dentistry, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Health Sciences, Healthcare Management, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Medical Journalism, etc.

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  1. Zoom platform

What you will learn:
Elements of Public speaking
Learn to frame the ideas in an organized way
Learn to speak in front of the audience
Enhance writing skills
Learn to use proper gestures, special expressions, tone, and volume of their speech during the presentation.
Learn to present clinical cases and medical issues effectively in front of the experts.

Contact us at or write to us on WhatsApp if you have any questions.

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