Beti Foundation Internship Proggram

Beti Foundation

New Delhi, Delhi, India

₹ 10,000 / Month
1 mth
In Office
Start Date



6 Month

Internship Type

Full Time

Number of openings :4

Internship Description

Beti Foundation is a non-profit organization in India that focuses on the education and rights of girls.  While I couldn’t find a specific job description for the sales department or business development, I can provide some general insights about internships in NGOs and their potential roles.

  1. Internship Program at Beti Foundation:
    • The internship program at Beti Foundation typically lasts 5 to 6 weeks and offers a unique opportunity for growth, learning, and meaningful service.
    • Interns work within various domains, including children, EDUCATION, and Girls hygine here are some potential responsibilities related to sales and business development:
  2. Sales and Business Development Roles in NGOs:
    • Fundraising: NGOs often rely on donations and grants. Interns in the sales department may assist with fundraising efforts. Responsibilities could include:
      • Crowdfunding: Learning the basics of crowdfunding and contributing to fundraising campaigns.
      • Donor Engagement: Engaging with potential donors, maintaining donor databases, and organizing fundraising events.
      • Grant Writing: Assisting in writing grant proposals to secure funding.
    • Partnerships and Alliances:
      • Identifying potential partners (other NGOs, corporations, or government agencies) for collaboration.
      • Building and maintaining relationships with existing partners.
      • Exploring opportunities for joint initiatives or projects.
    • Marketing and Outreach:
      • Promoting the organization’s mission through various channels (social media, events, etc.).
      • Creating marketing materials, newsletters, and promotional content.
      • Engaging with the community and raising awareness about the NGO’s work.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation:
      • Tracking the impact of programs and projects.
      • Collecting data, analyzing results, and preparing reports.
  3. Why Intern at an NGO?:
    • Interning at an NGO provides a chance to make a meaningful impact while gaining practical experience.
    • Plus, you’ll receive a certificate upon successful completion of the internship.
  • Customer-Oriented Mindset: A focus on customer satisfaction and retention. Education: Graducation , FEMALE & MALE
  3. Daily office, If WFH need to connect every day online morning and evening 
  4. Office timing 11am to 7pm 
  5. No holiday, period of internship ( Saturday and Sunday also working in the field)
  6. Performance is highly good will give some movie tickets and other state trip also.
  7. Performance is better we can give you joining letter also start 5lac pa package.
  8. This is NGO, only startup. No expectations for the origination.



Skills & Perks

Skills Required
Digital marketing
Social Media marketing
Graphics designing